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During Women's Month, we're celebrating women in digital. Those who pioneered, those who perfected, and those who make a difference every day. We'll feature one woman per weekday for the month.

Jeanine Ferreira is a force to be reckoned with. As Vodacom: Portfolio Manager – Digital Marketing, Jeanine is responsible for Social Media, Digital and Content Marketing for Vodacom. And if you’ve ever seen their stuff, you’ll agree she’s pretty damn awesome at her job.

Jeanine’s first job, funnily enough, was in music video editing. She also did some HTML coding and basic flash animation. She wouldn’t call it digital, exactly, but she was always involved in tech. In the early days, one of her biggest lessons was to never stop trying. In her own words, “With enough motivation (and sometimes a bit of force) round pegs actually do fit into square holes. Things change all the time and what was impossible today, might not be so far reached tomorrow.”

Next, she worked as Editor at Europe Africa Music, Creative at 3Tribes, New Media Manager at Peugeot Citroen SA, Digital Communications Manager at Dimension Data, and Digital Strategist at FNB.

Jeanine’s favourite thing about working in digital marketing is, simply, that marketing has become digital. In fact, she doesn’t think the words “digital marketing” will exist for much longer, as organisations realise that it’s imperative to transform and become digital-centric, so not being digitally savvy is creating a lot of marketing dinosaurs… Taking a strategic approach to your skillset is crucial.

In her current role, Jeanine’s goal is to play a part in digitizing Vodacom business as a whole. Data is becoming extremely important and she believes that there are huge opportunities to understand customers better through this data. Imagine being able to offer customers products and services based on their individual needs! That’s how Jeanine thinks.

The industry, while exciting, is also rough. In her downtime, Jeanine started gymming 3 years ago after being a couch potato for 10 years… “It has not only become a hobby,” she says, “but also a great stress reliever. I gym with a very good friend, so we laugh and have fun whilst being active. We often underestimate the value of looking after ourselves and taking time-out from our busy lives.”

Finally, when asked what one thing she would suggest to girls and young women looking to work in digital marketing:

Do it! Read, learn, ask – you can never know enough. The World Economic Forum suggest that by 2020, a third of skills needed in successful businesses does not exist yet. That Is 3 years from now! Continuous development in crucial. Also - LEARN TO CODE – not enough digital marketers understand the nuts and bolts of what they do on a daily basis.


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