Women in digital - Tracy Chou

ALT Digital News Update

During Women's Month, we're celebrating women in digital. Those who pioneered, those who perfected, and those who make a difference every day. We'll feature one woman day for the month.

Today we are featuring Tracy Chou- who by the way is only 30 years old - is is a software engineer and advocate for diversity in her field. She has prior work experience at Pinterest, Quora and internship experience at Rocket Fuel, Google, and Facebook. She studied computer science at Standford, specialising in specialization in machine learning and artificial intelligence. A predominantly male-orientated field, Tracy is kicking ass and taking names while fighting gender discrimination in the field AND doing non-profit work for Project Include. 

Tracy is an inspiration to women who not only want to work in digital, but who want to work with hardcore skills and break through the glass ceiling.


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