Women in digital - Laura Taylor

ALT Digital News Update

During Women's Month, we're celebrating women in digital. Those who pioneered, those who perfected, and those who make a difference every day. We'll feature one woman per weekday for the month.

Today's rockstar woman in digital is Laura Taylor - the VP Acquisition & Experience Design at WordStream.

According to her Wordstream bio, on any given day Laura can be found fine-tuning WordStream's very own PPC campaigns, generating powerful email marketing campaigns and landing pages and continually evolving their website. If you've been on their website, or seen their landing pages, you'll agree that Laura does a pretty damn amazing job at it.

Laura is also responsible for the entire journey of a prospect from arriving at our website, to providing tools for a prospect to consider the platform, to purchasing, and ultimately starting their relationship with WordStream. She is passionate about making all WordStream's touch-points world-class and on brand and to elevate WordStream products and offerings to a best-in-class user experience.

Most importantly, Laura is passionate about digital. And she does a superb job at it.

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