Women in digital - Emma Dicks

ALT Digital News Update

During Women's Month, we're celebrating women in digital. Those who pioneered, those who perfected, and those who make a difference every day. We'll feature one woman per weekday for the month.

Today we are featuring a very interesting young women, Emma Dicks, just 28 years old, and is the founder of Code4CT. It was founded as a project of Innovate South Africa in 2014.

Emma's passion is to see young people create sustainable solutions to pressing problems faced in South Africa. According to a feature in Cosmopolitan (yes, Cosmo featured Emma in their list of Next Gen Startups, while studying, Emma worked on a project with some friends, running an innovation challenge for high school youth in Cape Town, Nairobi and Free Town. This combined her passion for education with her entrepreneurial flair, and she realised she loved helping young people develop their ideas. After graduating, Emma and her friends set about developing Innovate South Africa as an organisation to provide a platform for young innovators. Through Innovate South Africa, she also founded Code for Cape Town, which teaches high school girls coding skills.

A year after Code4CT launched, Emma won the Queen’s Young Leader Award from Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2015. The programme has since grown and due to popular demand, it now offers additional workshops in more locations across Cape Town.

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